absolut vodka U.S Cities Edition 2007 – 2010 >> COMPLETE!

I am, an absolut freak. And I don’t mean weirdo. I’ve collected absolut ads since I could afford to buy overseas publications and not to mention the various flavours and special editions. absolut disco, check. absolut masquerade, check. absolut rock, check. absolut minibar, check. obviously then, when I read up online about the 4 U.S Cities Editions – New Orleans (2007), Los Angeles (2008), Boston (2009), Brooklyn (2010), I had to have ’em! And now I do. Here you go at my F.I.N.E Absolut U.S Cities Edition Collection. Schweeeeeeet!!!

I bought Absolut LA over Ebay and the rest in my recent trip to LA. I’m ecstatic that my set is finally complete! hmmmm i wonder if i’m the only Singaporean in errrr Singapore to have this set. hee. any other absolut fellow freaks feel free to throw a message my way 🙂

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