Our Happiest National Day To Date @ Beatnique 2014

10527402_10152591438302813_6856149515626757561_nHoopla x Peonfx presents, in our opinion, the most fulfilling way to spend the National Day holiday.

Held today and tomorrow at Hoopla Cafe, 21 Media Circle, we’re expecting an epic clash of delicious finger food, handmade leather craft, photography, art, handmade surfboards vinyl and immensely good music in general.

Looking at the lineup of activities, one can infer that Beatnique is not for the faint-hearted.

A cake-eating contest? Vinyl swap? Bike Criterium? Surfboard auction?!

Yep, all this action on this sunny island we celebrate – read more by clicking on the banner above. This National Day, we unite – Kendema lovers, surf and bike enthusiasts, art aficionados and folks who just wanna have a good time. Tune in to our Instagram account for further updates as we romp later today!


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