3D Projection Mapping : The Latest Brand Guerilla Marketing Craze

3D Projection Mapping seems to be the latest eye-catching guerilla marketing technique used by some of the world’s biggest brands. We first noticed it early last year and since, have seen some of the biggest brands utilize this new ingenious, uber-creative and breath-taking technology, in amazing and fascinating ways.

The ability of this technology to not only transform 2-dimensional surfaces into 3-dimensional works of motion art, but also posses the ability to be projected on a massive scale has made buildings and architectural structures a favorite canvas of this artwork. Visuals, enhanced by audio effects, create an awe inspiring viral event and has, not surprisingly, pushed more and more marketers (who can afford it), into exploring 3D Projection Mapping as a ‘must-attempt’ project for the coming year.

Here are a few brands that we think have executed this technology amazingly well… and don’t be surprised to see this technology get better and better!




Ralph Lauren










BIGUPS to New Balance, who 3D Projection Mapped their own sneaker! Check it out!

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